Saturday, January 31, 2004

What the?

Cor - Being John Malkovitch is a seriously odd piece of work...Strangely likeable if a bit too off the scale for my tastes...

Art stuff doing a roaring trade

Especially the awesomely popular Bob Ross stuff. But come on people - bid on more Water Colour paints! All the non-sets on this page are ours...

Still feeling (slightly) sorry for myself : )

Ear is a bit better - back to the docs on monday for more of the dreaded anti-biotics...Don't like taking them at all, but needs must...

going to watch Being John Malkovitch, which I rented from the Premiere video shop in hamstead - 5 movies for a week for £3 for the old 'uns - 10 for a fiver - I'd have to be really ill to find time for 10 movies in a week though - also, as with all video shops in the world apart from Cinephilia in Moseley and Video City at Notting Hill Gate it's a struggle to find 10 good movies...Better than the evil blockbuster though.

Thank you kindly

Woot! Thanks very much to Tom Watson for the reference on his site. I think his site is a really interesting step for democracy - the relationship between MPs and constituents could really be affected by things like this I think.

Friday, January 30, 2004


have ear infection - not fit to blog :)


Snow reminded me, as it often does, of being in Zimbabwe aged about 11 and teaching a bunch of kids the Band Aid song. Got to the line "and there won't be snow in Africa this Christmas time" and one of the guys said "There's never snow in Africa at Christmas - it's summer for one thing." Early lessons in the dangers of cultural imperialism

Records being broken

over 300 listings baby yeah! It's been a hard days night...

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Greg Dyke

Sad in a way to see Greg Dyke resigning...Phoned my dad when I heard about it (on the oh-so highbrow Mark and Lard show). Dad said the irony of the situation is that it would never have happened under John Birt, - the first thing Birt would have said would have been "show me the report." It's sad really, because it was clearly sloppy journalism, but I find it incredibly difficult to see the bbc cowed by the government - someone sent Simon Mayo an email or text or something saying "bbc good, government bad, just thought you should know" and for all my rationalism I had said more or less those exact words only a few minutes earlier. Hopefully this will lead to a groundswell of support for the BBC and Dyke's sacrifice will lead to the govt not being vindictive when renewing the charter...Interesting to watch coverage on ITV in the last ever News at Ten - I would have expected a bit of crowing, but I think the fact that a. Dyke was of course an ITV man and b. it was sort of a victory for politics over journalism meant that the reporting was quite subdued.

Ho hum...

Peter Andre's head in a box of snakes...

Right, I was a 16 year old rocker when he was in the big time and would have thought at the time that I'd loved to have seen that, but I've obviously changed a lot - it made me a combination of sad, and strangely filled with admiration for the way he faced up to his fears - despite the obviously mixed motivation of looking like a hero in front of Jordan...But what in the name of heckfire are the makers of the show doing putting out a 1/2 hour episode with NO Johnny Rotten in it.....grrrrr...


So, Hutton eh? The whole thing's bizzare - I listened to most of the summary as it was being read out because I was cleaning the kitchen from top to bottom so had the radio on. My jaw, like everyone else's I guess proverbially hit the floor at the verdict - is there anyone who didn't expect a sort of "there was a bit of blame on both sides" kind of a conclusion? But Hutton seemed to totally vindicate the government - and that's not blairite spin on the conclusions, those really were the conclusions. I wish I was in better possesion of the facts (although, obviously, not enough to actually read the facts.) As it stands, I am at the mercy of every fibre of my being thinking "BBC good, government bad" and just sort of reeling from the conclusions. I think, rightly or wrongly that the BBC is to be admired for standing up to the huge pressures put upon it by a government who were, in just 18 odd months, going to be looking again at the charter.

Comedy side issues - when Blair came out and said (and I'm paraphrasing) "Lord hutton's report was very thorough and not open to any interpretation" Yeah - that's what you'd have been saying if he'd sided with the Beeb.

John Reid on Five Live saying of Michael Howard "It's unseemly when politicians don't admit they've made a mistake". He was in the studio with Steven Byers man...when was the last time you heard this government apologise for a mistake - and take responsibility for it? I found it a bit sickening.

The Speaker threatening to chuck out MPs for shouting - how disrespectful is that? These people are supposed to be running the country and they're flummin' hissing at each other like school children - all the more ammunition for my world view which - the only way to change the world is to change ourselves...

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Googlewhack Madness

interestingly enough - I haven't stopped the googlewhack below from being one because I've spelled it wrong! Hurray for the collapsing education system and my generations massive overreliance on spellcheckers! Woot!

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Northern Exposure is wonderful

Watching Northern Exposure - hurray for the recent appearance of episodes on kazaa and emule of this fine, fine show. My fancy surround sound thingy's not working so I'm listening to the sound on my late grandmother's sony CFS-DW30L ghetto blaster - the fact that it has a line in setting is amazing - it's gotta be 15 years old and it still sounds great - good old sony...Incidentally CFS-DW30L is a googlewhack...not a proper one (unlike samosa fillibuster - d'oh, I've just stopped it being one...) but a one none the less

Windsor Blue Fimo, what is your secret?

Windsor Blue Fimo has had 9 more hits than any of it's fellow Fimos...what's that about? It might not sound statistically significant, but it's almost 50% more than the humble Transparent Red which has had 4 more bids (although only worth a total of 30p extra income). What's that about? Are people searching for items related to the house of windsor? Who knows...Who cares? Any theories welcomed...

Johhny Rotten in Ostrich Pecking Shocker

from the ridiculous to the sublime - Johnny Rotten being pecked by ostriches - I definately wouldn't be watching the itv 1 flagship reality show if it wasn't for the fact that a. my housemate likes it and b. it's got johnny rotten it. After that though was the mighty Shameless- 6 1 hour episodes on channel 4 - proper tv...about stuff and funny "I know her old man from the pub - he's alright. As violent pissheads go." Anyway - nice to see c4 making drama series again, but interesting to note that the c4 website doesn't have a drama section...hmmm

No biscuits, no cheese, no problem

been writing ads for paints and stuff since 4pm...not eaten any biscuits or cheese - it's my new "non-biscuit, non-cheese" diet - may write a book on it, but it will only work if biscuits and cheese (not cheese and biscuits I hasten to add, but the seperate entities - biscuits and cheese) are the things that you eat too much of...

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Good eBay Day

good eBay day today - fimo appears to be v.v.v. popular with the world in general.

Why all the make up I hear you scream? ( I don't actually, obviously). It's a weird one alright - when we started the biz, we didn't think we'd be selling loads of make up - especially not to men, who seem to be at least 60% of the market for make-up buying on eBay - interesting socio-cultural phenomenon I'd say...


Aha! Congratulations to phill - here is your fantastic prize I hope you're not too disappointed...

So - what kind of day has it been? One in which, amongst other things, I have watched 2 films as part of ongoing cinematic research for movie writing career, both of which were good, although one of which was truly, truly amazing - 24:7 directed by Shane Meadows. The other film was Once Upon a Time in the Midlands, from the same director - a very different sort of film, but still good enough. Both films had ballroom dancing and a robin reliant in them - why should this be?

Think today is the day I'm going to tell more people about this blog - not sure how long I'll keep it up, but for the time being...all comments welcomed!

Saturday, January 24, 2004

Robert Pires is a big cheater. Discuss

Robert Pires is a big cheater. Discuss. You can't cos I haven't got a comments board. May re-instate false offer of prize to entice information out of people (Phill, this means you!)

Made to laugh hysterically yesterday by the middle eight in a half-man half-biscuit track - Something along the lines of "If I ruled the world I'd shoot defenders who applaud linesmen when they give offside." That's proper blogging I reckon - a half-man half-biscuit reference. Am worried, incidentally that half-man half-biscuit may become an apt name for me as my relationship with Fox's Ginger Creams and Chocolate fudge creams continues...


I Toy

Just had amazing time at Rich, Matt and ians - they've got an eye (i?) toy - a little camera doohickey that sits on top of your tv and puts you in various games - robot boxing, ninja thwaping etc. Extremely entertaining and more than just a little tiring on the arm...

A confession

ok. There's no prize. But please tell me...

And also - where links go?


Right then - first person to email me and tell me how to add a comments thingy without having to spend any money will win a fantastic prize (actual prize may vary from description. Fantastic is a relative term. Terms and Conditions apply)


Welcome one and all to the occasional collumn that I will call (drum roll please....) Is this a good idea?

My first question for everyone is, predictably, is this a good idea?