Thursday, January 29, 2004

Greg Dyke

Sad in a way to see Greg Dyke resigning...Phoned my dad when I heard about it (on the oh-so highbrow Mark and Lard show). Dad said the irony of the situation is that it would never have happened under John Birt, - the first thing Birt would have said would have been "show me the report." It's sad really, because it was clearly sloppy journalism, but I find it incredibly difficult to see the bbc cowed by the government - someone sent Simon Mayo an email or text or something saying "bbc good, government bad, just thought you should know" and for all my rationalism I had said more or less those exact words only a few minutes earlier. Hopefully this will lead to a groundswell of support for the BBC and Dyke's sacrifice will lead to the govt not being vindictive when renewing the charter...Interesting to watch coverage on ITV in the last ever News at Ten - I would have expected a bit of crowing, but I think the fact that a. Dyke was of course an ITV man and b. it was sort of a victory for politics over journalism meant that the reporting was quite subdued.

Ho hum...