Tuesday, November 21, 2006


So, the Beatles have a new album out.

And it's absolutely stunning. Just...stunning.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Royal Tenenbaums Sketchbook

The Royal Tenenbaums is right up there with my favourite films. I really like this

I've said it before...

And I'll say it again...

I LOVE Firefox...

Thursday, November 09, 2006

I'm no political analyst

But with the Dems winning some actual political influence and powers of oversight, could they not maybe investigate this a bit?

Talking of the midterms, I've spent the morning going through the political news section of digg, grinning and digging like a miner on double digging day

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have AMAZING friends

So, having been sad that I couldn't upload all my photos to flickr last week, I relayed the story of the 20mb upload limit to my friend Graham.

Today he appears on IM to say "I've bought you a present." We played the yes no game in order for me to guess and on my 8th attempt, with a fairly big clue, I got it...He's got me a pro account on flickr! He claimed they played a jedi mind trick on him by asking "Do you want to buy paulansorge a pro account?" whilst he was looking at my photos - he realised he did apparently! So, I've been uploading photos, and if it takes your fancy, please do go and have a look at my photo stream. For now, here's a picture called Mystery Path 2 to indicate the paths of photography that I can now walk down (or something like that anyway...)

Mystery Path 2

Heartening Haloween Happenings

So yesterday me and my esteemed housemate had just returned home from an adventure and were standing around in the kitchen waiting for either the kettle to boil or the tea to be brewed when I spied several children trotting up to the front door. I thought one of them might have had a cape on and at a rough glance there looked to be about 3 of them. "Uh oh" I thought. "No treats have we" I thought. Then I spied the array of nature's bounty that we had in our metaphorical fruit bowl (we don't have an actual *bowl* as such, the fruit just sits on the side). Here was my chance to give out treats with a clean concious - healthy treats! Delicious vitamin packed treats! These kids are definitely gonna egg our house for giving them these treats treats! So I went to the door, laden with oranges, apples and kiwi fruits, expecting to see three disappointed becostumed kids. When I got there I saw five excited lightly-costumed-at-best kids - kids dressed up as "A gang of kids going from house to house demanding treats"...They "trick-or-treat"ed at me in best brummy accents and looked genuinely DELIGHTED when I offered them a choice of fruit. Kiwis went down best, followed by apples - the satsumas went untouched - who says kids aren't smart? Off they trotted to be rewarded by others for their complete lack of satorial efforts with actual sweets, and I was left with a warm sense of the righteousness of Jamie Oliver...