Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I have AMAZING friends

So, having been sad that I couldn't upload all my photos to flickr last week, I relayed the story of the 20mb upload limit to my friend Graham.

Today he appears on IM to say "I've bought you a present." We played the yes no game in order for me to guess and on my 8th attempt, with a fairly big clue, I got it...He's got me a pro account on flickr! He claimed they played a jedi mind trick on him by asking "Do you want to buy paulansorge a pro account?" whilst he was looking at my photos - he realised he did apparently! So, I've been uploading photos, and if it takes your fancy, please do go and have a look at my photo stream. For now, here's a picture called Mystery Path 2 to indicate the paths of photography that I can now walk down (or something like that anyway...)

Mystery Path 2