Friday, November 26, 2004

My new favourite film of the year...

Is I heart Huckabees. It's magnificent. Just magnificent. Beautifully written, shot, performed, warm hearted, funny, challenging and existentially interesting.

I cried at the end.

But don't tell anyone.

Badminton Hoarse Trials

That would be such a good title for this post if I had got so excited at the badminton last night that I had shouted myself hoarse. As it was, the competitive edge was slightly lacking and I contented myself with a bit of clapping. I bottled out of attempting to start a "There're only one Emmsy and Robbo, one Emmsy and Robbo, there're only one Emmsy and Robbo" chant. Me and the blogfather attended the seminal sporting event at Birmingham Sports Centre as England clashed with Germany at "the nation's favourite racquet sport". I'm not saying we got in for nothing due to his journalistic connections, but I'm not saying we paid either. This event was part of a "profile raising" (read "money spinning") friendly tour in which England and Germany will cross shuttlecocks up and down the land. Last night apparently Germany came off best. I say apparently as at the half way interval me and Philmo split, mostly because the seating was bench based and my back was hurting. I'm glad I didn't stay any longer as I might have got sucked into the competitive nature of events and stayed till 12.20am when the event finally ended. It started at 7! Who knew badders was such a late night rockin' n rollin' affair. I should say here and now that I love playing badminton and I do quite enjoy watching it when it gets to the later stages of big competitions, but I confess I found it a little difficult to get excited about a friendly. Robertson and Emms (silver medalists in the Athens games for anyone not from England / not reading any newspapers or watching tv during the olympics) were wheeled out first and played a distinctly uncompetive match with a German mixed doubles team who resembled nothing so much as that team they wheel out to get whupped by the Harlem Globetrotters. There was a moment of excitement when Hopp, the man in the German partnership appeared to be applying pressure to one of the line judges over a call but basically it was a non-event. Emmsy and Robbo then took questions from the audience, and looked more than a little uncomfortable doing it, although I have to say the warmth of the "well done you won a medal at the olympics even though you're English" applause was quite heartening.

Things livened up again somewhat in the third match, essentially because a gentleman of advancing years took some umbridge with Amir Ghaffar in the mens singles. Amir was having a bad day, and the gentleman was pointing out his poor footwork and apparent lack of commitment and movement to the lady sitting next to him. At one point he had his head in his hands and appeared to be muttering to himself. This, may I remind you ladies and gentlemen boys and girls was at a badminton friendly...When Amir got a point when he was one game and 13-0 down the man called out "Come on, you haven't lost yet!" Not the most supportive chant.

The same gentleman of advancing years also voiced his displeasure at the cheerleaders they brought on between sets. I have to say, I agreed with him on that one...

It hasn't put me off seeing badminton live altogether, but I won't be forking out £5.99 for the "raw and uncut" footage of the event on a DVD...

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Word association

Let's play! I've tried to start a game elsewhere but I'm not sure it'll catch on. Just in case, let's play here too.

First word


Good luck, and remember, no one's judging you.

(can you tell I should be working?)

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Welcome My Friend

Join me ladies and germs in spreading the joyous news of the entry of the mysterious James to the world of blogging. Having access to this incredible man I have been urging him on in this direction as I feel his story is one which should be heard.

As for me, well, I've been busy and a bit on the emotionally stretched side. Did have time to knock up this article on United Rant. Needless to say, it didn't go down well, but we pioneers must face a bit of opposition...

Am working - writing a new film, but shhh, it's a secret. And I've got a LOT of editing to do. Also have some more work lined up. A film which is being shot over Christmas wants a behind the scenes bloke, and I'm their man!

peace out ya'll

PS Yay woo snow in Birmingham!

Sunday, November 07, 2004

(A very) Brief Update

Thanks for the nice words / good advice / whatever else there might have been. Am feeling quite a lot better, fever is still lingering.

2 days to go to the end of the 28 day detox. Have lost loads of weight, which is good. Not sure what to do with myself once it's finished...

Things that are good:

The Timewaster Letters. Cried with laughter whilst reading it. Twice. Laughed a lot lots of other times.

Meridian Cashew Butter It's SO much better than the masking round the edge of it on the picture on the site that that link links to. (Warning, repeated words found. Ignore.)

Eddi Reader sings the songs of Robert Burns
. It's sweet and wonderful and just downright fine.

There you go. Three good things. Have fun with them!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Ah well,

Dubbya's won, and I've got a high fever and a horrendous sore throat. But life goes on, and we all have to be the best we can be.