Sunday, November 07, 2004

(A very) Brief Update

Thanks for the nice words / good advice / whatever else there might have been. Am feeling quite a lot better, fever is still lingering.

2 days to go to the end of the 28 day detox. Have lost loads of weight, which is good. Not sure what to do with myself once it's finished...

Things that are good:

The Timewaster Letters. Cried with laughter whilst reading it. Twice. Laughed a lot lots of other times.

Meridian Cashew Butter It's SO much better than the masking round the edge of it on the picture on the site that that link links to. (Warning, repeated words found. Ignore.)

Eddi Reader sings the songs of Robert Burns
. It's sweet and wonderful and just downright fine.

There you go. Three good things. Have fun with them!