Monday, January 22, 2007

Wogan vs Carrots.

Earlier on today I was asked what was better: Carrots or Terry Wogan. This was my answer. What would yours be?

Carrots or Terry Wogan. Excellent question – in fact, really in masters degrees in broadcast communication and catering, that’s the central tenet of many a good thesis. If it was broccoli vs wogan (as would surely have been the fashion in the 90s) then broccoli would win – but carrots don’t have the moral authority that broccoli has. Ok…so Carrot and Coriander soup may be the king of soups, and indeed, generally considered nicer than Wogan and coriander soup, but the Carrot Breakfast Show experiment proved a huge failure when the carrot consistently forgot to back announce records so no-one knew what he’d been playing. The Carrot did play some pretty good music though and had a penchant for folk-rock which lead to The Byrds reforming for the one off “Carrotacula” at Alton Towers. Seeing “Turn, Turn, Turn” lip synced by one of the greatest west coast bands of all times whilst riding the corkscrew was surely a cultural highlight of the last millennia.

Then there’s Eurovision – well, could a carrot do that job? I don’t think so…Sadly for Terry though, as good as he is, he’s not rich enough in the vital nutrient Beta-Carotene, and you can’t grate him and put him in a salad, so he loses. But it was close.