Tuesday, July 20, 2004

I'm going to bed (Rechargeable)

But before I do, I'djust like to observe that in my life I have the following things that need to be recharged:
1 mobile phone
1 landline cordless phone
1 pair of cordless headphones
4 batteries for video cameras (3 for the xl1 and one for the "other" camera, which is smaller, and I've never memorised the model number)
1 Soul (recharged through the power of meditation)
1 Body (recharged through sleep)
That's quite a lot of things to be recharged. Can you guess what I think the most important one is?
Saw Shrek 2 today. Marvelous. Of all the many popular culture references that littered it, my favourite was undoubtedly the Streetfighter 2 moment with the Chun Li overhead spinning kicks and dragon punch combo.
Thanks to Dave I found the sweetest thing I've ever seen on the web. Go to homestarrunner , then click on the "Decemberween in July" link which will appear shortly on the go and see what's new button. Then click on the little green flashing light above the menu.
I'm pleased to see that the Streets have been nominated for the mercury. I am completely nuts about the second album - it's a modern urban hip hop opera....