Monday, July 19, 2004

Weekend diary entry post type thing...

So, this weekend I've done many nice restful things, which is a relief. I am preparing to go back to London for more workey type stuff on Thursday, so I've been takin' it easy.
Friday - saw the wonderful Kathryn Williams live at the MAC. An incredible set outdoors in the arena, ending with a version Neil Young's Birds as a flock of birds flew in perfect formation into the sunset...pure musical loveliness
Saturday - slept and watched the School of Rock. And Jersey Girl (which I absolutely loved, even though it's Kevin Smith being all grown up and heartwarming. He's still Kevin Smith.)
Sunday - Phill and Fincho came round for tea - I made lasagne and roasted vegetables with a goats cheese salad. And we had Appletiser...Then watched "A Mighty Wind" which is fantastic.
Spent much of the time when I wasn't doing those things listening to various radio programmes, including catching up on a weeks worth of Mark Radcliffe
I'd just like to say that I don't think Blair is gonna go before the next election. I could be wrong. But I don't think so.  New Labour has turned into everything I ever feared it was. I may have mentioned this before, but when they got in, I had hoped that they were going to the centre of politics in order to become electable, but with the aim of genuinely reforming and having (for example) an "ethical foreign policy." But the arguments about "choice" in the public services and foreign policy which is guided by the most right wing American government in memory have shattered all those hopes.
Hope, of course, lives on in the heart, but I'm not putting any of mine into politics or politicians.

Love and blessings to all who happen this way.