Monday, June 28, 2004

New links, new pics, and two requests

Howdy folks!

I shan't be rhyming in this post (not on purpose anyway...) I've taken full advantage of there being no football this evening to do various bits of housekeeping - new photos from the shoot and around London are up (see little boxes, and All Photos Ever). I've also updated my sidebar, adding five new blogs to the blogs by folks I don't know section.

Similar to... I have alluded to a couple of times - I came across this through Phill's extensive blogroll at Danger! High Postage. Written by a young Australian guy called Torfeida, it's a lovely lovely blog, with a great spirit and humility - I'm all for it!

All's Well, Jezebel I've just discovered - again via Phill - it's warm and funny, and I found myself going straight into the archives to read more once I'd finished the first page - the sign of greatness!

Musings of a caffeinated mind I found through Similar To, and also my referrers, as I am delighted to say he had me in his blogroll - it's very much appreciated, as is that awesome photo

Heather Champ and Black and White Photography are both fantastic photoblogs, and having them in my sidebar will save me going all the way up to my favourites list when I want to look at them...

And now my two requests - the first is that I'd like you to tell me whether you can see a banner at the top of the blog with Is This A Good Idea on it. It bizzarely doesn't show up on either of my parents' pcs...

The second is maybe more fun - next week on the set of the upcoming hit movie (!?) "Take 3 Girls" I have to interview Kabir Bedi, Charlie Brooks, Soni Razdan, Caroline Chikezie, Karen Davidand Ramon Tikaram - if you have any questions you think would be appropriate and or interesting for any of them let me know and I'll try and get them in!