Monday, June 07, 2004

Morning in the big smoke

Here I am in London. Last night I immediate fell foul of the increased pollen count, and having gone to bed nice and early in readiness for today's exciting excursions I woke up at 1 in the morning with an 'orrible attack of 'ayfever (I'm dropping my aitches for the duration of my stay in the smoke. I'm not really.) This being the metropolis I thought I'd go investimagiting the possibilities of finding some clarityn from an all night garage or some such marvelous modern convenience. In fairness, there were at least 6 all night mini-mart type things surrounding Shepherd's Bush Green, but though I could happily have bought my own weight in Mediterranean and Turkish delicacies, no remedy was in sight for my sniffling. So I gently made my way back to my dad's house listening to some pirate radio station playing fantastic 2-step garage, only to find that despite the fact that it was now approaching 2 in the morning, I'd lost my cushy parking space two doors down from where I'm staying, and spent 15 minutes driving around trying to find a replacement space. West London on a Sunday night is car parking chaos folks! Double parked cars, cars sticking out around corners, but an admirable respect for the one or two disabled spaces which remained empty. That impressed me, especially since one car was blocking in 4 motorbikes and mopeds all on his own. Ended up parking about 1/2 a mile a way from the house and walking back through the streets of London feeling like a yokel.

Today will find me on the set of a film called "Take Three Girls" starring (amongst others) Janine from Eastenders! This is very exciting, I am already practising not shouting "Janiiine" in my best Mike Reid voice. Obviously I mean Mike Reid who played Frank Butcher. This is no time for Saturday Superstore. I'll be writing up the days filming either later today or tomorrow morning, so stay tuned! (Or, you know, go and do summat else!)