Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Links 'n' things

This is from the Whole Wide World of Fat Buddha and it's great fun, and curiously addictive. You are given a word and have to write about it for a minute. No one buzzes in and stops you for hesitation, repetition or deviation though.

This I found via Bloggerheads. It's a flash video for Come Together and it's awesome. It'll take a while to load, and it's probably prohibitively large for narrowband users.

"Whether long range weapon or suicide bomb, a wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction." This track came out on the 31st May - Dave sent me this link weeks ago, but I've just checked it out, and it's mindblowingly good. Faithless' new album (No Roots) is all in the key of C apparently, and is also very politicised. After seeing this, I'll definately be checking it out.

I've added Councillor Bob Piper's blog to the sidebar - he's a regular commentor here, which is much appreciated and frequently has links to really interesting stories and miscellany. Although he doesn't think I should have bought this hat, but quite a few people agree with him on that. He's also got a blog in his blog roll called "Slave to the 11c" which has got a truly fabulous name.

I've been engaged in a variety of political debates today (well, the same debate, but it's been taking place here and over at Maggie Thatcher's Underpants. It's raised some interesting issues. The argument which has affected me the most was Bob listing the things he'd been dealing with in surgery. This is why politicians need blogs. Because then it's easier to see them as the people they are, instead of the faceless representatives of the spin doctors they might sometimes appear to be. Food for thought, anyhow.

Photos from Hamstead Station

On Bloggerheads, there are 4 links to blogging mps. I wish there were three. Then we could call them the .... you got there on your own right?

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