Monday, May 31, 2004

Monday Monday

Here are some recent pictures - I'm also dead proud of the one in my "current favourite" slot on the menu bar - it's Rich playing me an awesome dj set I had the pleasure of getting a sneak preview of earlier. He's a genius, and I can't wait till I can start adding links to my posts about him so you can find out too...

my contribution to the epic Star Wars Photoshopping Project.

Graham has started a blog. Graham, we salute you, and will add you to our sidebar forthwith, as well you might expect.

I've decided (probably) to vote in the European Elections , but only because the BNP will be getting a few votes round here and the PR thang means they might get some seats, so I figure my small contribution to any other party will be worthwhile. As I have said before, I don't vote as a rule, because I have searched my heart and genuinely do not feel that any of the parties, big or small represent my viewpoint enough for me to actively contribute to giving them a mandate. But this election is a bit different, as I say, because of the BNP. I've read the leaflets of the three parties competing for my vote - Labour, the Greens and Respect, and I'm completely stumped. It would have been Labour, but although the European elections should obviously be about, erm, Europe, I can't tick the box next to Blair's party. It has too many implications. Iraq, tuition fees, and the insane links with the Bush regime are too much for me to put aside. And I don't really dig Respect's anti-european stance, although I of course understand that as a socialist party they have a problem with multi-national capitalism (hey, who doesn't), but it seems a tad self defeating to sent Euro-sceptics to the european parliament. So that leaves the greens (see what I did there?). Not perfect by any means, but I suspect they'll get my cross on the 10th. I'm still not voting in the locals btw. No significant BNP threat in my ward. Which is a relief really as I'd hate to have to chose between the lib dems and labour...

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p.s. Update! Just had a bath, and it were great.
p.p.s. Cheat Commandos O's - I'm so glad they're back.
p.p.p.s When you've finished watching that, go to the home page and wait for the "What's new" button to say "Puppet Jam 2." Then click on it. Then watch homestar runner in puppet form singing with backing from They Might Be Giants. Then be pleased you did.