Saturday, May 22, 2004

Cup Final

Ok, so Milwall weren't the best opposition in the world, but Ronaldo was absolutely a class above. I don't believe Sven chose Van Nistelroy as man of the match - it made me think of those Alistair McGowan and Roni Ancona sketches in which Nanci sends Sven, who knows nothing about football, reluctantly off to watch matches and it is in fact her that runs the England team. I imagine Sven must have slept through the game, and looked at who scored the most goals. Ronaldo was just phenomenal - the cross he delivered with his right foot hooked around the back of his left leg, the stepovers, the Zidanesque spin and step over - its was awesome...I hope United make one or two good signings over the summer, 'cos that kid's gonna be world class in a year or two, and it would be nice to see a world class team built around him.