Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Woohoo - new tracking system installed

I'll be able to see where people come from.

More on the Michael Moore story from the beeb here

Sven's named the England squad for Euro 2004 today. Still no left sided midfielder, - he's apparently planning to play Gerard on the left of the diamond. Hopefully it will be a good tournament. I quite enjoy it when England do well, because there's an interesting vibe around, but I'm sure it'll be the same as ever - increasing expectations till the opening game, a disappointing perfomance and then qualifying from the groups with a great performance raising the expectations again, and then of course losing disappointingly, probably to Germany...It's bin that way since the first world cup I can remember, when the hand of Diego crushed a young boy's hopes and dreams. I warmed to him later in life when I found out it was revenge for the Falklands...not so much a brazen act of cheatery as a radical anti-thatcher statement...