Thursday, June 03, 2004

Bad News, Good News

So, sadly, Screen West Midlands (not linking out of malice ;) haven't seen fit to give me a small development grant, on the grounds that my project is not "commercially viable" or "compelling" enough to award a grant to. So it's official: I'm a misunderstood artist! I was, admmitedly, slightly devestated at first, but have very quickly come to terms with it - for a start, it's one person's opinion and they are entirely entitled to it. Secondly I've had lots of really great feedback from people who's opinions I trust a great deal, not least my dad who commisioned, amongst other things, A Very British Coup, GBH, Lipstick on Your Collar, The Cammomile Lawn and Tales of the City when he was head of drama series at Channel 4. (and I'm not name dropping, just putting it in context ;) He's outraged by Screen West Midlands' response, particularly as they ended their letter by saying the writer showed "potential" and "should seek further training opportunities, such as those provided by Screen West Midlands, to further develop your talents for future projects." So, "we're not gonna give you any money, but suggest you give us some." But I'm not really bitter, they're just doing their job.

Thirdly, I'm a great deal happier with the script now than I was two months ago, when I sent it in to them, anyway. I've done a great many re-writes, added a whole new section, changed another one around a lot - I was just hoping they'd see potential in the first draft. But now I can start wallpapering my room with rejection letters like F. Scott Fitzgerald did. I'm not actually going to do that, but it's nice to think that all great artists have been rejected in the early stages of their career. I'm not gonna give up yet anyway

The good news to come out of all of this is that my dad seems to be on board with the project and I'm going to London either at the weekend or next week to plan the next stage of the campaign!

I'm not giving up on it anyway. I'm currently amusing myself by writing pretend award acceptance
speeches in my head..."I'd like to thank my parents, the cast and crew, the production company," then I'll read extracts from rejection letters : )


I'm off to London on Sunday to be an assistant to my dad on the film he's producing! Exciting!