Friday, June 04, 2004

New links and other things

So, as I prepare to go and live in London for six weeks (latest news on that is that I am also going to be involved in making the making of documentary of the film which is, frankly, awesome!) I was greeted this morning by the dulcet tones of the postman delivering my new hat. This I take to be a good sign, as it will protect me from all that southern weather...

I've updated my side bar - firstly to welcome Des back into the world of blogging - and join Graham in hailing the phrase "Percussive Maintenance" as a landmark for the language.

Secondly, I've joined the rest of the western hemisphere in having Bloggerheads in my blog roll. It's just a wonderful resource for a variety of things, not least political campaigning. I've followed the instructions to register this blog in various places, and am also happy to contribute to the google bombing of the word opportunist as requested.

I've added Agewell in Sandwell to the sidebar - Bob Tidmarsh, who has been commenting here since I started, has been involved in its development - nice one Bob!

Finally, I've added The Tofu Hut, a fine MP3 blog with an excellent name. I am a big fan of tofu.

So, lots of new links for you to enjoy at your leisure. Or ignore. Or write to me to complain about. Or something.

I am now initially going to London for a week, which is good for a whole variety of reasons, not least of all my mixed health. So I'm going for a week, and then will probably go back again later in the shoot...Much better solution all round!

Update 2!
I am now going to do a week in London, then a week here, then a week in London etc...for the duration of the shoot...which is just about the best outcome I could have hoped for, which is nice...