Monday, June 28, 2004

Monday no football blues

woke up this morning, (doo doo doo do doo)
feeling a bit tired, (doo doo doo do doo)
went to meditation class, (doo doo doo do doo)
and then came home and went back to bed (doo doo doo do doo)

(meedly, meedly, weedly wee)

Woke up this afternoon, (doo doo doo do doo)
Went to tesco to buy some soya milk, (doo doo doo do doo)
Thought "I'll chill for the afternoon, then watch the footy, then go to bed" (doo doo doo do doo)
Then I realised there was no football on, for the first time for a fortnight

I'll have to make do with watching Henman get beaten by Phillipousis in a fifth set after an epic struggle (I hope I'm wrong about that)

doo, doo do, doo do doo doo doo doo doo....

~(with apologies to all blues musicians everywhere)
~~(and apologies to anyone who has read this)


Well, my predictions are useless,
I am very glad to say
The nation's middle class hero
Has done the biz again...

I have to say I quite enjoyed Phillipousis, upon being given a warning by the umpire for his "audible obscenity", saying "I should give you a warning! You suck!" to the umpire. Not one of the most cutting comebacks I've ever heard.