Wednesday, August 04, 2004


Once again I feel I have been entirely remiss, blogging-wise. I point to my so-so health and forthcoming huge (albeit incredibly exciting) work load in my defense. I think the fact that I've been pretty wiped out for much of the last week has meant that the ol' brain hasn't been firing on too many cylinders, thus inhibiting good blogging ideas.

I've had some grandfuntimes(tm) since last blogging - the highlight being the trip to Burnham-on-sea that I made with Dave, Graham and Bob (who is a girl, and has no blog, although she should have...) to Des and Laura's in order to surprise Laura on the occasion of the day before her 25th birthday. Des left that back door open and we sneaked in whilst they were out (dealing with this) and leapt out from various parts of the house when they came back. A lovely day was then had, which included a trip to the beach, featuring some aerobie, and some actual swimming in the sea...It's been a long, long, long time since I swam in the sea, and it were grand.

Workwise, I've started ploughing through the 20+ hours of footage I've shot for my documentary on Take 3 Girls (the assembly cut of which is apparently looking great). As I said to my mum earlier today, it's like doing a 10,000 piece jigsaw, which you've got 100,000 pieces for and no picture to work off. Possible, but tough...So reams and reams of notes are being written as I lie on my mattress, which I've dragged down to the sitting room as my housemate is away being thespy in Pembrokeshire. In betweentimes I've been watching making of documentaries on Kevin Smith DVDs and listening to the commentaries on Clerks, Mallrats and Chasing Amy...very entertaining, but it's making me more and more focused on trying to get the picture made.

Fans of Black Country star Carina Round should go here and read Phill's interview with her. Expect more and more links to Phill's articles as he fashions himself as Birmingham's answer to Tony H Wilson...

My heart is filled with wishes of peace and feelings of love for mankind, and an extra dose of these feelings I'd hereby like to offer to all who happen this way...