Monday, June 12, 2006

Throw some more tofu on the barbie mate!

Blinkin' heckfire! I was all set, mentally preparing myself to start this post saying something about how the heat and the slightly lower standards of play on show today had lead to the World Cup's first game that could truly be described as dull. But no, the last ten minutes saw Cahill score twice, give away a penalty (well, ok, not actually give one away, but do his very best to) and John Aloisi smack in a cracker.

Mullets were in plentiful supply - Komono, the Japanese number 3 sporting a beautifully coiffed blonde mullet - fluffy and tall and proud. The Japanese will surely take the team award for hair stylishness...and of course politeness, another delightful moment of national stereotyping from the ITV commentators...