Saturday, June 10, 2006

That'll Do

Well, that was a little worrying at times, but Motty's hystericism (is that a word and if not why not?!) aside, England have got 3 points and the first half was excellent. The substitution taking michael owen off *was* a complete shocker, even if Owen didn't look good, you can't leave crouch as the forward man on his own, and if you do you HAVE to make sure that the midfield can get up to support him. I thought that bringing on Hargreaves for Cole actually made the shape look better, and Lampard made a couple of quite promising runs after that. Downing played ok, and the two runs he made took pressure off the team.

The post match analysis is incredibly negative on the BBC, and it is true that it's a shame the second half was a bit of a let down, but this time 4 years ago the second half had been a let down and Sweden had scored...

Ian Wright has just asked why we don't play high tempo premiership style football throughout the game, and I think that it's a completely straightforward answer - it's incredibly hot out there...You can't underestimate the effect of that, and we've got a HUGE 3 points.

Sven has just made the point that England looked better when Cole came off and I think he's right, but Lineker doesn't seem to agree with me...Bring on the t+t!

EDIT: Oh yeah, and also, what the heck was with that referee?! Very rarely do you see such a one sided set of decisions...