Thursday, October 14, 2004


Hello! I'm back now.

Whilst I have been away the following "interesting" things have happened.

1. I've got a new bed. It's great. It's really great. It's funkmongous. It's terrific. I've been sleeping on a single matress on the floor for about 18 months, so to have a big kingsize bed is just the absolute height (and indeed width) of luxury...

2. I have begun a new dietary regimen, to try and shift some excess stoneage (not stone-age, you understand - I don't have an excess of rudimentary tools and hunter gatherer societal structures. Stoneage, all one word, meaning weight...) but also, and more importantly to try and not be ill all the time. It is a celebrity endorsed diet, which upsets me slightly, but it's nutritionally fantastic and addresses the main problem I have, which is excess toxicity. Yes, it's the Carol Voderman 28 day detox diet. No meat, eggs, fish, alcohol or smoking (I don't eat meat, eggs, fish, drink alcohol or smoke anyway). No wheat, dairy or sugar (I eat them, and miss them.) No tea or coffee (I do like a nice cup of tea, and indeed a nice cup of coffee.) Nothing fried (*sigh*). However, lots and lots of lovely meals, and lovely snacks in the form of fruits and juices and vegetables and such make it very do-able, and I'm kind of desperate to feel well, so will power isn't a problem...I will keep you all posted, although I know you don't care that much.

3. I interviewed Malcolm McDowel. I have to confess it was something of a thrill.

4. I've been to 2 parties, at which I danced to bhangra-rock. Including a bhangra version of pretty woman. Which was surreal. I have discovered that in 100% of cases, the sound department will be the best dancers on a movie (I am basing this information on 1 movie, so it might not be all that statistically significant.)

5. I have discovered bittorrent. And am using it to download tv programmes.

6. I've stopped going back and forth between London and Birmingham for a bit, having done it for months and months. Am at home, and have started capturing the reams of video I've shot in preparation for editing my documentary. It's going well, but capturing is dull as dishwater...

7. Maybe some other things have happened too (in fact they definately have) but that's it for now.

I'm not on hiatus anymore.