Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tog-Oh No!

Do you see what I did there? What I did was, I took the word "Togo" and changed it a bit to add "Oh No!" at the end in order to signify disappointment or calamity. With their shockingly chaotic build up to the world cup (the coach that saw them through qualification having been sacked, and his replacement having walked out and then walked back in, in jeans I might add...) Togo would have been delighted to go in at half time 1-0 up against a very lacklustre South Korea. Soon after half time, however, it all went a bit wrong, as they got a man sent off, the blonde bemulleted Korean forward scored a with a blinding free kick and Togo somewhat fell apart.

Korea kicked on after that and, with their increasingly vocal support behind them, probably deserved to win the game, but I'd still say the race for second behind les bleus is still on.

Mullets a plenty from the South Koreans - not quite as outlandish as their fellow South East Asians and 2002 co-hosts Japan, but still an impressive range of big hair based styles on show. They will have to play better than they did today if they are going to come close to their 4th place finish last time round though.

Incidentally, this was probably the least exciting game of the tournament so far, but still not quite dull enough to be actually called dull, thanks to the Korean turn around.

Incidentally again, I bet the Ivory Coast are properly gutted that they didn't get Togo's group. African football's image has really suffered from the failure of the bigger (and basically better) sides to qualify for the tournament and the fact that the stronger African teams in this tournament are in the harder groups, and the weaker teams are in the weaker groups. If you swapped Ghana and the Ivory Coast for Togo and Angola I think there would be an excellent chance of seeing an Afriean team progress to the later stages, but as it is it's going to be tricky. Having said that, if the Ivory Coast can get a result against the Dutch (in what I think should be called the Clash of the Oranges) then we still might.

Have I mentioned "Allez Les Bleus!" yet?