Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Daily Show

So, I'm not that optimistic that this post will achieve its aims, but I hope I get through to someone somewhere with this.

You may all know all about this already - especially folks not in England, but between Monday and Thursday on Comedy Central in the U.S.A there is a programme called The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and it is absolutely extraordinary. It's political, cultural and social satire of the very highest order, the writing is absolutely extraordinary, and the opening monologue on the first show after Hurricane Katrina was one of the most impressive feats of comedic and political balancing I've ever seen.

The show is always torrented and very well seeded - see here for details. They take 45 mins or so to download and 20 minutes to watch, and I think if you're inclined towards political comedy, fake news, and very interesting interviews (including this one with Ricky Gervais) then make this a part of your world. Right?