Monday, September 05, 2005

Radio shows

Just in case you want them and haven't found them on uknova, perfectly beastly or louder than war, here are mine and dave's latest two radio shows...

Show 9 (Featuring a mystery surprise guest who appeared 2 songs in)
Show 10 (Featuring Bob and James, who may or may not be the same as this guy)

Download it and listen to it and then tell ALL your friends about it and get them to listen between 7pm and 9pm BST every darned Saturday night by going here...apart from maybe this Saturday actually as we might be going to Somerset...

All is well, except my keyboard is broken and I have a sore throat - I'm using my housemate's keyboard whilst he's at work. Actually, not being able to speak properly and having no typing abilities means I'm not really able to communicate with anyone, which is odd, but strangely restful. See you soon ya'll!