Thursday, December 09, 2004

Check it all the heck out.

The blogfather's started a new blog and I'm in on the action.

Yes, that's right, I posted my first post on the no doubt soon to be legendary Louder Than War. Being an exponent of the noble and royal arts of silence I'm not generally a fan of music which is louder than war, and indeed none of the stuff I put on there will be (unless you play it at really really high volumes, I suppose), but it sure is nice to be part of team LTW. (Since I don't think LWT exists anymore...)

Anyway, blog roll duly amended, and may you enjoy the offerings!

p.s. Have also added Black Custard to the great blogs section. I likes it I does! Nice photos and words...

p.p.s I wouldn't like anyone in any of the sections of my blog roll other than great blogs to think that their blog isn't great! It's just a place for blogs with no other section for them to go in!