Saturday, March 27, 2004

An auspicious happenstance

So, been thinking about what need to be done to make the movie a reality, and one of the things I need is a director of photography who I like, and preferably know, who knows lots about filming on film, as opposed to DV , which I know a bit about. On this basis I got in touch with a friend of mine from University who I've not seen for 6 years. He and I worked together on a couple of projects, and I always liked him a lot. Anywhom, it turns out he doesn't know much about filming on film, but (and its a big but) his job is helping people with finding locations in mid Wales. And about a third of my film is set in mid Wales. As my desperate search for signs that I'm on the right track continues, I am greatly heartened by this turn of events.

Also went to see Starkey and Hutch yesterday - very very funny and foolish. Giggled ridiculously from start to finish. Peace out ya'll!