Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Politics 101

Once again, my thoughts are drawn to politics - the really interesting BBC IF series, which started tonight once again highlighted to me the fundamental limitations of political solutions to the massive difficulties facing global society. During the debate afterward the representatives of the energy corporations seemed to be suggesting that free market economics would ensure the safety and consistency of the supply...I mean for goodness sake, what evidence is there that free market economics is making the world better? There is massive consumption of the worlds resources, which are being tapped into and drawn upon in totally unsustainable ways, the gap between rich and poor grows wider and wider, faster and faster, and on a community and global level, war, famine, etc etc. And the root of these things are so often about human weakness, greed or ego, and I just don't believe that the dominant political powers are working towards lasting solutions. I really think they are working to ensure the continued growth of their political credos (at best) and their political careers (at worst.)

Anyway, sorry, ranting...must stop reading michael moore :)