Thursday, March 04, 2004

Apologies to my loyal readership (all three of you).

I haven't had much to say recently really - life has been on the difficult side : ). Am very excited about the fact that me and James have begun to storyboard the movie - it basically involves me pacing around his bedroom as he draws frames. As a result of this I've watched loads of films recently - trying to learn what makes a good one! The best of the bunch of those I've seen recently would have to be the magic Igby Goes Down. A fantastic piece of work - beautiful perfomances, beautifully written very funny and painful and just all round marvelous - a modern day catcher in the rye.

Everything is ready for the application form, so this weekend it's one last look and then off to the photocopying shop to make t2o ciopies of it all and then into screen west midlands - wish me luck!

Going to film my friend Nyasha getting maried tomorrow - I've known him since I was eleven and had just moved in to a new house in Highlands in Harare and my mum (not at all embarrasingly) asked two kids who were walking home from school if they'd like to come over and play - a chap called Felix something who didn't come and Nyasha (Kevin) Mutukwa who did. We played football for hours and hours - I was so muddy afterward I had to have two baths - one to get clean and the other to get the bathwater from the first bath off me. Anyway, from that day onward me and Nyash were sort of like brothers. I didn't see him at all from about 1991 to 1999 when he joined the rest of his generation in Britain - they call London "Harare North" because you can't walk down the street without hearing someone speaking Shona

Right I'm off to maybe watch the beginning of another movie...Peace Out!

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