Thursday, June 15, 2006

We're through!!

I can't BELIEVE how negative the analysis has been. We're through! After two games! We're going into our final game against Sweden and WE'RE ALREADY THROUGH! This, in my lifetime, is a unique experience. The first world cup I remember, we needed to win by 3 to get through (and we did, at that...)

As well as the factual positives I thought there were a lot of other positives. Michael Owen IS getting better, and looking a bit sharper. Rooney's back! Crouch scored! T&T really worked hard and were so well organised and up for it (to say it was their world cup final may be a cliche, but it's also true) and we still managed to beat them. Ok, so Crouch and Lampard both missed a couple of chances, but we looked vibrant, positive and purposeful for most of the game and most crucially of all Sven made exciting, brave and effective subsitutions which won the game. Beck's crossing was, for the most part, superb, Downing and Aaron Lennon made a real difference, Gerrard scored a blinder - Bruvvers and sisters, do not be downhearted! Alright, we don't look like Argentina yet but the pieces might just be falling into place, and we could just peak at the right moment.