Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Batch 2

Best Hair: Wilhelmson.

Best Goal: Durr! Cambiasso...

The Dude that refereed England Paraguay Memorial Shocking Refereeing Moment of the Tournament award: The Argentinian ref who took approximately 3 months to send off the defender then booked Gyan for taking the penalty too early.

The France in 2002 memorial award for not turning up at the tournament: France!

The "I really wish ITV had a red button service so I could listen to five live commentary in synch with the pictures" award: A hotly contested award, give then paucity of quality on ITV, but I think the dream team of Champion and Beglin just pip it.

The Greavsie Funny Old Game Award: Group E. The performances in Batch 2 in no way whatsoever reflected the performances in batch 1. Maybe Argentina will turn rubbish after all.

The "Oh my goodness, why couldn't we have been in Togo's group? We'd have walked it!" award: The Ivory Coast

The Trinidad and Tobago 0-0 upset award: Angola

The "If Fantasy Football was still on they'd show this clip over and over again" award: Graham Poll's beautifully weighted pass to set up the Ukraine against the Saudis.

Roll on batch 3!