Thursday, April 07, 2005

It's not just me

The warm response I've received for my rant is heartening, as is the fact that lots of people have arrived here after searching for "Are you thinking what we're thinking." Evidently lots of people it's not just me who isn't...What's less well received, of course, is my decision not to vote...I haven't yet, but at some point I will definately post something here in regard to that. I've talked about why I don't vote before(way back in the oldskool bob tidmarsh days, long time readers) so won't repeat myself...suffice to say it's not apathy.

On the subject of people coming here from internet searches, if you're looking for arrested development torrents, look here or here. And if you want to find duckman episodes, try emule, and the cute baby picture is here (and boy is she cute...).