Monday, April 04, 2005

My top five favourite movies I've seen so far this year

Random post, less heavy than the last one, like, and more than a little inspired by Phill's Important Movie Pass Experiment...

1. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou - if I see a better film this year I will be very deeply surprised. I like Wes Anderson in general, and this film in particular.

2. Robots So funny. So funny. My favourite breaking wind scene in many years. If I'd seen this when I was eight I think it may well have changed my life.

3. Garden State Really enjoyed this, apart from maybe the ending...

4. Sideways When my friend Dave thinks something is great, he describes it as "grapes aplenty." Never more apt words were spoken.

5. The extended edition of Return of the King. The LOTR extended editions are just simply the best DVDs ever...Ever!


6. (Yes I know I said 5). How could I forget Melinda and Melinda? On paper it looks way too high-concept - same story told as a tradgedy and a comedy, but in actuality it's a really interesting meditation on the nature of literary art forms and their relationships with the essence of human experience. Of course, being Woody, he draws the wrong conclusions about the essence of human experience, but he is very very funny while he does it. And in this case very very tragic too...