Sunday, April 11, 2004


Just a brief post as it's late and I'm tired - I've spent the evening at my friend Rich's house. He has put together an EP of electronic music which is truly truly truly brilliant. I mean brilliant - hopefully he'll put it on the web somewhere and then I'll link to it. I listened to it on the way back in the car and it knocked my socks off. He's using the name Ideosphere which is pretty groovy I think. I'm partly posting this so that if anyone googles it they'll find this post and know that it's been taken! (note to self, find out if "Googles" should have an apostrophe...)

Am glad to see that he didn't use my suggestion for a name - "DJ Mustard"...On the plus side though, he could have called his first album Cress, then Wholegrain, then Dijon (lots of acordian sounds and corks popping), then German - eventually though he'd have had to release an album called French's American Yellow and that doesn't have the best ring to it...

Right, bedtime.