Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The footie

Good game tonight. I don't know where to go to sign up for the "Keep Claudio at Chelski" campaign, but if I did, I'd be first in line. I just think he's a really nice guy, incredibly animated and passionate in victory, and as Des said tonigt, incredibly dignified in the face of what must be pretty intolerable speculation. He's also always gracious in defeat, unlike some people *coughArseneWengercough* who for all his major qualities as a manager does not seem to understand that taking losing well is a sign of greatness too. Sport is always prone to ups and downs, and you need to "treat both imposters the same" as Kipling very nearly said. For all his faults, SirAlex does admit it when his team is outplayed (although he would probably prefer to blame the ref if at all possible.)

Arsenal's capitulation in the second half tonight reflected their similar capitulation at Villa Park at the weekend - Thierry Henry looked very off colour in both games, and although Reyes looked bright this evening, and was rewarded with a deserved goal, the Chelsea defence looked extremely solid. I was with them all the way tonight, but I'll never root for them again if they sack Ranieri ...