Wednesday, April 14, 2004

~Film Latest~~Ranting on about television latest~~Yesterday it was my birthday~

~Film Latest~

Had a meeting with James on Monday, which I think will be seen as a turning point (by me!) in years to come. We took the script to town (it had a lovely time) and tried to justify every scene, and had a good look at the over-arching plot lines. We've decided to write a few new scenes to punch up the love story (as I imagine they say in Hollywood). We're also going to build in a whole new sub-plot - it's exciting, as I've known for ages that there were some big re-writes to be done, but I just haven't been sure how to approach it. I guess its one of those things where time plays its part; the first flushes of finishing the first draft (and indeed making some big changes to that) have worn off and the cold light of day is shining a clear light on the strengths and weaknesses of the piece. I'm going to try to get some of the new scenes done before the weekend when I go to London and see my Dad - I've booked half a day with him on film stuff, and for the rest of the time I'm there I'm going to rest and get some quality family time in.

~Ranting on about television latest~

Watched Hawking last night. It does seem there's a lot more drama on at the moment - a lot of it is docu-drama, and the programmes which aren't docu-drama are mostly shot like they are. But I thought Hawking was a cut above - it told the story of world famous scientist (!) Steven Hawking, from his diagnosis with MND to his "proving" that there was a beginning to the Universe, and that it was a big bang. It was mostly shot very intimately, lots of wobbly hand held stuff, but not too wobbly, if you know what I mean. There was also an absolutely remarkable performance from a young actor I've never heard of called Benedict Cumberbatch whose physical acting was fantastic, very naturalistic and unobtrusive. Anywhom, it's nice to see quality work being done out there...

~Yesterday it was my birthday~

As the Paul Simon song goes, a whole one more year on the line...Went to a garden centre in Earlswood with my mum to pick up my present, a bird table!! Woot! My PC is in front of some sliding glass doors, looking out onto the garden, so watching birdies eat will provide a fine distraction from doing real work...