Sunday, February 08, 2004

What kind of day has it been?

Well a good one really - worked on script application funding form thingy...that's just about ready to go now - just need to give screen west midlands a ring to ask them a couple of questions. Sold a significant amount of stuff on "the Bay" as I won't be calling it from now on. Thinking of changing name of blog to eBay Gum...Speaking of eBay, am getting increasingly frustrated with people not paying postage when they pay by paypal, which cost us 20p since they then have to make another payment and we lose fees on that too. Ho hum...

Also tonight, went and played geetar in a practise studio with my friend Katie and her friend and drummer John. Very good fun - I think they are looking for a proper band member type person though, and I'm not that! Still, I do really really really enjoy playing music with people. Practise stuido is an interesting place - streams of people with guitars over their shoulders, all checking each other out to see who has the fanciest Axe! Glad to have been carrying Dave's Variax. Actually, in combination with his Pod I managed to get some really really nice yeah, a good time was had by all.