Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I used to be a blogger

And one day, hopefully not in the tooooo distant future, I will be again...

Went to see Mark Thomas and Rob Newman last night - they were excellent, particularly Rob Newman I thought (possibly because I've seen a lot more of Mark Thomas in the past, and sort of new what to expect).

In other news, I watched Spiderman the other night and still find it genuinely scary...There's a marquee in my back garden where the neighbours had a wedding and this is the most interesting thing I've read about Georgie Best.

I'm thoroughly disgruntled with Manchester United, thought the sacking of Keane was shocking and am trying not to care, since clearly it's only football...

Life is good, and my health is improving, which is nice!

Peace ya'll - I'll start posting again properly one day I'm sure!